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Re: I*F*M* Archives
« Reply #105 on: 18 November 2015, 09:22:26 »

 watchability 2 by immie 21 Jul 2014
HD MP4 [<267MB] 1280x720  6m 54s
What's happening there in those first few seconds - can Immie feel the vibrations without using her toy right on the spot? I'm curious - but my curiosity doesn't last long before Immie slips her toy in where she wants it, and goes on to have one of the most intense orgasms I've ever seen from her. And for those not in the know, that's really saying something.


 Leena Up Close 1 by Leena 22 Jul 2014
HD MP4 [<127MB] 1280x720  3m 19s
Leena's gentle ministrations nonetheless take great effect, working her slowly and steadily into a panting, eager state until there is only one possible outcome. Her orgasm is subtle, and all the more alluring for it - I replay her moment again and again, noticing every caught breath, every shivering muscle.


 heated 4 by Liandra Dahl 23 Jul 2014
HD MP4 [<145MB] 1280x720  3m 46s
I like the perfect exchange of places which occurs between the end of p.3 and the beginning of this one, Mylah's place taken by Liandra as we watch Mylah now tower above her. Tribbing is always hot to imagine, but generally leaves something to be desired when we see it in media - namely, the orgasms. Fortunately, Liandra and Mylah wouldn't dream of skimping on those.


 Kenji's Video Diary 3 by Kenji 24 Jul 2014
HD MP4 [<434MB] 1280x720   11m 7s
Kenji's having sex in her parents bed - a naughty taboo trope with a twist, since Kenji's all on her lonesome. It's better this way, I'd imagine - partner sex can get messy, but lady solo sex rarely leaves a trace. At least, it might not... after last week's closing comments, as Kenji gets her wand out, I'm not so sure.


 sacred sex 2 by Ezmerelda 25 Jul 2014
HD MP4 [<348MB] 1280x720  8m 59s
Objects take on histories and associations, and with them, power, and if you believe in them (or even if you don't, according to some), crystals are extremely absorptive objects for this type of thing. Each orgasm invoked by a crystal would be stored there, then, each one increasing the relative power of Ezmerelda's talisman - turning it, climax by climax, into a uniquely powerful pleasure object.


 venturesome 2 by Naked Human 26 Jul 2014
HD MP4 [<299MB] 1280x720  7m 44s
It may be controversial to say so, but I just love the way this particular Naked Human comes. Peaks that last almost too long for comfort, the long, drawn out anticipation. The way she breathes and relaxes into it, and then gets going again... a kind of unpredictability of orgasm, leaving me at the edge of my seat, almost as desperate for her orgasms as she is.


 ambidextrous 1 by Irina 27 Jul 2014
HD MP4 [<299MB] 1280x720   7m 45s
All too often, wankers of all genders make one mistake in the haste and excitement of their self-lovin' - they limit themselves to just their dominant hand, leaving the other perfectly capable set of fingers to lay lax against a belly or a thigh. Not Irina however - you'll have to watch to see just how well she uses her hands, all 10 fingers of them.


 await 2 by Lilie 28 Jul 2014
HD MP4 [<381MB] 1280x720  9m 54s
Ah, the suggestive computer screen... leaving us dying to know what Lilie's watching, as we watch her. She doesn't watch for long, though, seeming to prefer the perfect accompaniment only the big screen behind her closed eyes can provide. Eventually, the useless screen is pushed aside, as Lilie prioritizes her body over any visual stimulation.


 stars align 2 by Ava_Adore 29 Jul 2014
HD MP4 [<250MB] 1280x720  6m 28s
The height difference between Shibby and Ava is especially stunning here, as Ava lays on her back under Shibby's attentive touch. I love to see the differences in their two bodies, equally capable of great heights when it comes to pleasure. I love that almost as much as I love watching Ava's face throughout this session, her color rising, her beautiful mouth wide open in ecstasy.


 queendom 1 by Ambra_A 30 Jul 2014
HD MP4 [<242MB] 1280x720   6m 16s
The presence of beautiful Ambra could turn the most ordinary space into a palace, but here is something special - a crumbling, abandoned old dairy set in a field of orange marigolds, and Ambra presiding, ready to take it for her very own. Leave marking to the dogs - a lady claims her territory in more spectacular ways.


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Re: I*F*M* Archives
« Reply #106 on: 18 November 2015, 09:27:40 »

Kenji's Video Diary 4 by Kenji 31 Jul 2014
HD MP4 [<345MB] 1280x720   8m 55s
I remember when Kenji was filming this months ago. She was in-between lives, staying with her parents. Now she's off on her next great adventure, further away this time. Life will complicate and uncomplicate, but its nice to see videos of these sweet and sexy moments, a calm before a storm, a time of relaxation and rejuvenation for Kenji. I just love to see her happy.


 zenith 2 by Fiore 01 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<260MB] 1280x720  6m 44s
Fiore's journeying deep, now, past the initial threshold of her first orgasm. Her pace, and the way she holds her body as she grows closer and closer to the precipice belie a tension which begs to be relieved, as growing arousal pulls its energy from every part of Fiore's body.


 slip in 1 by AnnaBelleLee 02 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<307MB] 1280x720   7m 56s
AnnabelleLee never goes in for half-measures. Almost more than any one I see on this site, AnnabelleLee knows how to take it slow, and extract the maximum of pleasure from any situation. For those of us less accustomed to being teased, the way she draws it out for herself is almost unbearable to watch.


 slip in 1 by AnnaBelleLee 02 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<307MB] 1280x720  7m 56s
AnnabelleLee never goes in for half-measures. Almost more than any one I see on this site, AnnabelleLee knows how to take it slow, and extract the maximum of pleasure from any situation. For those of us less accustomed to being teased, the way she draws it out for herself is almost unbearable to watch.


 lusty wind 1 by Autumn_W 04 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<316MB] 1280x720  8m 10s
Autumn, caught up in her own bed sheets, her own cyclical pleasure. By her name and what I know of her art, I can't help but think of her poetically, of the wind flowing through her veins, the cyclones of rushing blood which must fuel her orgasms, as she comes again and again, fast and furious.


 Ellabella Up Close 1 by Ellabella 05 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<220MB] 1280x720  5m 50s
The visual texture of this film clip suits Ellabella well - soft and agreeable, gentle on the eyes. We linger, as Ellabella does, for long moments, to watch her touch and breathe, as she glides her fingertips easily over her own familiar flesh. I love a session where there's no rush.


 heated 5 by Liandra Dahl 06 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<192MB] 1280x720  5m 15s
Many parts in a duet is always a good sign. Not just because it means more videos - although, you won't catch me complaining - but because it means a greater amount of time for the lovers to have spent together, greater than just the sum of the finished parts. More time means more closeness, more intimacy... and more opportunity for Liandra to explore Mylah's desires, and push up against her limits.


 Kenji's Video Diary 5 by Kenji 07 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<401MB] 1280x720  10m 28s
I have to hand it to you, Kenji, you're damn bold. I remember doing a similar thing, filming a video diary on my trip home, but I just couldn't bring myself to set up a camera in my parent's house - not even in the bedroom. At one point in this video there's a bang, making me jump - but Kenji, calm and beautiful, just gives it a glance, stretches her beautiful body, and keeps on going.


 ambidextrous 2 by Irina 08 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<358MB] 1280x720  9m 16s
I love how attentive Irina is with herself, loving and patient, allocating herself the time she deserves to really immerse herself in all the potentials of her sexual body. And it comes as no surprise that when it comes to toys, she chooses a fancy rabbit with all the perks, to bring herself all those deeper sensations one can't quite manage with hands alone.


 slip in 2 by AnnaBelleLee 09 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<173MB] 1280x720  4m 30s
AnnabelleLee has the perfect kind of skin, against that deep green background, to betray the flush of blood that rides up from her core to color her face and neck. Fresh from the bath, her body is slow to warm - but once it does, AnnabelleLee is just super hot. Pun fully intended.


 decadence 1 by Sadi 10 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<387MB] 1280x720  10m 1s
Sadi's body is a feast, an array of potential pleasures - the diversity of which she samples with delicate anticipation, before plunging in to devour herself completely. Her ruby-red lips draw my attention again and again as she sucks in her breath, an alluringly bright spot in the warm pinks and greys of this shoot.


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Re: I*F*M* Archives
« Reply #107 on: 21 November 2015, 11:13:48 »
 lusty wind 2 by Autumn_W 11 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<168MB] 1280x720  5m 20s
If you haven't seen Autumn's prize winning work at IShotmyself, it's well worth swinging by - she is an impressive artist. But even more than her work I can't help falling in love with her smile - the happiness on her face as she pleasures herself. I love the smile of a woman who knows exactly what her body is capable of, and just how good she can make herself feel.


 stars align 3 by Shibby 12 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<151MB] 1280x720  3m 55s
Every video that goes up on IFM is pretty hot, I'd say - but this is actually almost too much for me to handle. My blush started in my face, went down to my chest, and by the end of these ridiculously hot 4 minutes, I'm pretty sure my toes were on fire. I'm going to get some water. Damn, girls.


 queendom 2 by Ambra_A 13 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<221MB] 1280x720  5m 45s
Why is it when Ambra's around, the most perfect of breezes always seems to be blowing? Sometimes gentle, sometimes slightly demanding, it seems to follow her like a lovelorn friend - wanting to play with her hair, help her on her way, increase her allure. Leave it to Ambra, to stir the wind itself with her beauty.


 Kenji's Video Diary 6 by Kenji 14 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<320MB] 1280x720  8m 16s
Is it bad to fantasize about your friend fantasizing about her boyfriend - who, incidentally, is also your friend? I'm not sure, but I can't deny that on account of Kenji's erotic though topic du jour, this is one of her sexiest diary entries to date. The why doesn't matter so much - just watch. Kenji at her best.


 tendresse 2 by Amy_S 15 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<272MB] 1280x720  7m 2s
There's something overwhelming about watching Amy play with herself, an impression that every touch is almost too much, that every sensation is borderline painful in its intensity. To see her then chase that intensity, increasing the stimulation step by step, makes for a viewing experience so powerful I can almost feel the vibrations myself.


 green beats by Lena_D 16 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<206MB] 1280x720  5m 20s
Woah - this music just took this whole birds-chirping, sun-shining, forest wank thing to a whole other level. When Lena's panties fell down around her converse sneakers perfectly in time with that chill beat... mmmph!. And then equally nice, to let the tunes drop out, until the only music is that of Lena's occasional moans, and the sounds of the forest all around her.


 fundamental force 1 by Quark 17 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<286MB] 1280x720  7m 51s
quark noun /kwark/
physics : any of a number of subatomic particles carrying a fractional electric charge, postulated as building blocks of the hadrons. Quarks have not been directly observed, but theoretical predictions based on their existence have been confirmed experimentally.


 gratitude 1 by Ezmerelda 18 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<237MB] 1280x720  6m 9s
Pretty Ezmerelda, what is she building in there? Something nice, to hang or wear, decoration, to make the world more beautiful... I think that if the earth created Ezmerelda it was for that same purpose, to bring light and beauty to the hearts of the world. Because that is what she brings to mine.


 Ellabella Up Close 2 by Ellabella 19 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<123MB] 1280x720  3m 11s
What an awesome shot - close up between Ellabella's thighs as she lays on her belly, only her fingertips visible under the weight of her pelvis, and the slow, rhythmic visual of those fingers moving against herself, back and forth... forget lullabies and hypnotists, just give me this shot, this moment, forever, and I'll never feel stress again.


 heated 6 by Liandra Dahl 20 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<169MB] 1280x720  4m 24s
Six parts, to be continued... and why not? Orgasms are restorative, lending sensual energy which spurs on the next - so that the story arc of Liandra and Mylah's tryst isn't told in just one climax, but rather in a series of them. In this context, 'coming down' takes on entirely new meaning.


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Re: I*F*M* Archives
« Reply #108 on: 23 November 2015, 09:46:46 »
 Traci's video diary 7 by Traci 21 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<197MB] 1280x720  5m 23s
Ahh, so many unanswered questions after Traci's introduction today - what job did she get? What did she make for dinner last night? Why did nobody like it? At least I know the answer to one of those questions... and maybe if we ask nicely, Traci will come hang out on the forums and explain the rest. Speaking of the forums - garden porn, anybody?


 decadence 2 by Sadi 22 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<231MB] 1280x720  5m 58s
Sadi, now warmly naked, stretches herself out into the quintessentiality of a womans' body which has inspired so many to art over the course of history. Her beauty is classic - and to watch her move from the pure chastity of the nude, into a happy frenzy of uninhibited pleasure-seeking and release, becomes that much more exciting.


 kinetic 1 by Rylee 23 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<154MB] 1280x720  5m 45s
The light table is back - as if we could have a platform made of light and use it just once! This concept tickles the imagination, and just begs for scenarios. I see a girl adrift in the universe, with only glass separating her from the light of a million suns. What do you see?


 hedonism 1 by Armeya 24 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<603MB] 1280x720  15m 34s
Armeya's outfit here puts me in mind of all things love-colored - Valentine's Day and lingerie catalogs, red roses and well-peeled cucumbers - what? Right. Okay. I wasn't expecting that. I'm leaving my keyboard now to regroup - I have never in my life seen anything quite like what Armeya shares with us today.


 gratitude 2 by Ezmerelda 25 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<324MB] 1280x720  8m 23s
I don't know how or why, but sometimes when I am watching these, I am just filled with this intense joy, a feeling of gratitude and something which can only be described as... well, awesomeness. Just look at Ezmerelda - the smallest and happiest of smiles on her face, the way her body jumps as a result of such light touches, the way the light catches in her soft hair... this is just amazing, that we get to be part of this. Amazing.


 stars align 4 by Shibby 26 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<142MB] 1280x720  3m 42s
Ava must be well worked-up after being so visually submerged in Shibby's pleasure during p.3 - and Shibby is more than willing to give back as good as she got. I love the way Shibby checks in with Ava throughout, making eye contact, leaving space for communication, and just generally feasting her eyes on Ava's beautiful face.


 Michaelah Up Close 3 by michaelah 27 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<165MB] 1280x720  4m 17s
Michaelah's belly-down grinding here is incredibly hot, her honest desire and arousal increasingly evident as she gets closer and closer to orgasm. Every little detail of her is sublime - from the spread and curl of her perfect toes, to the intense clutch of her fingers as she pulls hard at her pillow.


 Traci's Video Diary 8 by Traci 28 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<276MB] 1280x720  7m 50s
Ooh - Traci's big guns plugged in in the background promises good things for this diary entry. I love how she always takes time to explain how she works, orgasmically... but probably my favorite thing about Traci is her awesome (and hilarious) honesty. Or maybe it's her stellar orgasms, courtesy of her own ease with her sexuality, and of course, that ridiculously powerful vibrator she's got.


 fundamental force 2 by Quark 29 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<222MB] 1280x720  6m 52s
Hmm. Who says science has never directly observed an electrically charged Quark? We here at IFM - and now you too, dear members - must beg to differ. This Quark, while not unmeasurably tiny, is certainly energetically charged. In a very real way, I postulate that this - this explosion of laughter, tears, emotion, and experiential intensity - this is exactly the stuff which universes are made of.


 kinetic 2 by Rylee 30 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<240MB] 1280x720  6m 53s
No wonder Rylee is so fit - she turns every wank into a pilates session. If you don't understand, get down and try to maintain that one-leg-up posture that Rylee's got going on, for even one minute. And Rylee not only keeps it going for three - she does it while she's working other muscles, too. And then she switches sides. Of all the workout videos I've seen, this one is by far the most... stimulating.


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Re: I*F*M* Archives
« Reply #109 on: 26 November 2015, 14:40:56 »

 royale 1 by Briar 31 Aug 2014
HD MP4 [<300MB]1280x720  7m 47s
Purple's not my favorite color, but Briar's got me thinking to change my mind on that one - the color set off perfectly by her rosy pale skin, the soft blonde of her hair. She makes me think of a Disney princess, all things royal and magical and dignified - which makes it even more exciting to watch her work herself up to frenzy, her face so exquisitely expressive in her arousal.


 slow dance 1 by Abbi 01 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<445MB] 1280x720  11m 30s
Abbi's relationship with her body here puts me in mind of a dancer, a duet between mind and body as Abbi plays and teases, using her hips and legs and hands and mouth all to her advantage. Feeling sexy is a great aphrodisiac. As I watch Abbi enjoying all the positions she flows through, I hope that she feels as sexy as she looks.


 Junipur Up Close 1 by Junipur 02 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<288MB] 1280x720  7m 28s
From the moment Junipur bares her perfect shoulder, I have a feeling that there's something a little different about her - a kind of edge to her arousal, something serious and sensitive. I like this kind of depth. It makes me wonder what else was going on in her mind and heart, as she stirred her body to such great heights of expression.


 heated 7 by Mylah 03 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<156MB] 1280x720  4m 2s
Oh Mylah - if wearing a plaid skirt earns a girl that kind of treatment, I ought to be out shopping right now. Part 7, and the ladies show no sign of tiring - but all good things must come to an end. Considering I just made a series of unbearable puns after my last hyphen, I suppose that after this, my captions may well be one of them.


 Hyperballad's Video Diary 2.1 by hyperballad 04 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<452MB] 1280x720  11m 40s
What an incredibly awesome surprise - a 2nd video diary from our beloved Hyperballad. Luxury becomes you, my friend - it's good to see you well-rested and joyful, taking some time to treat yourself with sweetness... and it's so good to hear about you, and your evolution too. She's back, folks, and better than ever!


 hedonism 2 by Armeya 05 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<508MB] 1280x720  13m 7s
Alright Armeya, take 2. I admit the food play makes me a bit nervous - perhaps its the visceral nature of it all, almost an over-sensuality - I would make a terrible hedonist. But it's fascinating nonetheless. So sticky, wet, sliding, soft, all of it so physical - and Armeya there above and inside it all, rolling in uninhibited sensory delight.


 venture up by Lindsay 06 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<326MB] 1280x720  8m 56s
Everyone feels the urge to explore the unknown from time to time, but not all of us can just plunge into the great unknown at a moments notice.. For Lindsay, a place full of wonders is only a little ladder climb away. And when she finds a stack of dirty magazines up there, her exploratory efforts are rewarded in a decidedly adventurous way.


 give away love 1 by Kaylia 07 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<195MB] 1280x720  5m 4s
Kaylia's pleasing form makes me want to hop right in bed with her, curling up on those white sheets to watch the action. I won't though. Some things are better alone, such as, oh, I don't know - solo masturbation videos, for an example. All alone, Kaylia closes her eyes and listens to her body, and over here, I close my own eyes, and listen to Kaylia.


 grandiflora 1 by Magnolia 08 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<319MB] 1280X720  8m 16s
It's been so long, I'd nearly forgotten the force of Magnolia's sexuality. Her "good morning." seizes me like a fist, pulling me in so insistently - in these moments, I would do anything she asked, unthinking. This feeling just intensifies the awe of watching her orchid-shaped cunt, framed by her dancer's toes, as that first thread of wet trickles out of her, as pale as plant's blood.


 doutai 1 by AmarnaMiller 09 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<462MB] 1280x720  11m 57s
This long-awaited duet carries with its opening moment that giddy feeling of anticipation. Anyone who's had any experience watching either of these incredible women knows that they are in for something special - and even those who are introduced to them here will know from the first that these are moments to be savored.


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Re: I*F*M* Archives
« Reply #110 on: 26 November 2015, 14:42:37 »

 Zahra Storm Up Close 1 by Zahra_Storm 10 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<226MB] 1280x720  5m 52s
There's something about glimpsing hard nipples through thin, slightly see-through tops that just drives me crazy.As Zahra disrobes, she's kind enough to bare one breast and leave the other covered for a bit, offering up the best of both worlds. The movement of her hand as she reaches deep inside herself is intense and evocative, her orgasm, when it comes, the stuff that wet dreams are made of.


 Hyperballad's Video Diary 2.2 by hyperballad 11 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<261MB] 1280x720  6m 47s
Hyperballad's probably the sex-toy savviest person I know, so this shopping trip-cum-demonstration diary entry is no joke. Pay attention, folks! There's a reason why Hyperballad buys the same thing every time she goes to the sex shop, and she's about to show us exactly what that reason is.


 royale 2 by Briar 12 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<212MB] 1280x720  6m 30s
Hot and heavy, Briar plunges right into speed, her body's engines revved into the red from the very beginning. I can relate to that desire for speed and force, something insatiable which demands to be addressed. Slow sensuality is delicious, but sometimes one is just too hungry to wait.



 sidetracked 1 by alma_white 13 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<197MB] 1280x720  5m 6s
At IFM we've got a bit of a thing for planes, trains, and automobiles - in addition, of course, to the interest we share in common with our audience and contributors. There's nothing quite like the pleasure of witnessing a high speed train rushing past... nothing, that is, except witnessing Alma's own rush, there around the 5 minute point.


 nestle 1 by Ava_V 14 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<288MB] 1280x720  7m 27s
There's something a bit snuggly about Ava_V's movements, as she slides her feet back and forth on the bed, rubbing and squeezing herself to distraction. This kind of session puts me in a cozy mood, giving me the urge to jump between sheets and blankets myself, and nestle into the warm spaces of my own body.


 slow dance 2 by Abbi 15 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<265MB] 1280x720  8m 44s
The edited transition between moments as Abbi plays with herself in the beginning gives a sense of much time passing, as if Abbi's spent all afternoon curled up in her window seat, drifting through sweet, slow thoughts and gently stroking her sex. I love the idea of those unseen moments, recorded but not shown, while Abbi dreamed, and nothing much happened at all.


 Junipur Up Close 2 by Junipur 16 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<339MB] 1280x720  8m 46s
It's good to see Junipur disrobe slowly, to see her finally fully naked in the warm light. As if the 1st session unlocked something inside of her, she seems more relaxed now and playful now. Still, there's something mysterious about Junipur, in those maddeningly tense moments leading up to her orgasm, leaving me wanting more.


 grandiflora 2 by Magnolia 17 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<319MB] 1280x720  8m 15s
I think this is probably really creepy to say, but if I had a companion-bot I would want it to look and function like Magnolia. To me she is a perfect human, sexually, physically, and otherwise... actually, maybe I'd like to be the companion-bot, with the honor of serving the real, live Magnolia. I wonder if she'd have me...


 Hyperballad's Video Diary 2.3 by hyperballad 18 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<248MB] 1280x720  6m 25s
Let it be said: Hyperballad is the queen of cuddle spots, a maker of grand nests, and a mistress of cozy creations. That sense of softness, that desire to be held and stroked and cradled, lends itself to a robust sense of sexuality as well. There is pleasure in comfort, and comfort in pleasure...


 give away love 2 by Kaylia 19 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<266MB] 1280x720  6m 54s
Sometimes it's nice to take a break from the world, nestle down in some private, cozy place, and just give yourself love. I love the length and leisure of Kaylia's session, a conversation with her body which ebbs and lulls, flows and shifts, before finally coming to its eager climax.


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Re: I*F*M* Archives
« Reply #111 on: 28 November 2015, 10:57:28 »
 sidetracked 2 by alma_white 20 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<219MB] 1280x712  5m 41s
Pretty Alma can't wait to finish her cigarette before she gets into certain other indulgences - or maybe she likes it, that combined rush of smoke and arousal. Given the chain smoking, I'd say it's the latter... can she take herself all the way, without letting that cigarette go out?


 for air 1 by Jordan_Q 21 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<385MB] 1280x720  10m 33s
Jordan Q's short breaths and gasps put me in the mind of drowning, the way one breathes when air is in short supply and the opportunities to take it in may be running low... gasp, suck, oxygenate... Jordan Q drowns under the force of her own soft caresses, careening towards her own petit mort.


 take it easy 1 by shanna 22 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<299MB] 1280x720   8m 5s
Does anyone else feel like they're in some awesome version of the 90's, with all the multicolored walls we could wish for, and *also* beautiful women, masturbating amongst them? Nostalgic reverie notwithstanding, Shanna's orgasm here is incredible, her body shivering and shuddering uncontrollably for long moments after climax.


 doutai 2 by AmarnaMiller 23 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<206MB] 1280x720 5m 22s
Shibari rope bondage is an art rich with sexual tension and aesthetic elegance, where competence, discipline, and sensuality come together to pronounce a marked distinction of power... and a heady feeling of helpless arousal. By the time Amarna begins to touch Charlotte V, Charlotte is ready and aching for that touch, ripe with anticipation and fully given over to AmarnaMiller's skill.


 Zahra Storm Up Close 2 by Zahra_Storm 24 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<240MB] 1280x720  6m 13s
Ah - if only IFM could team up with Zahra Storm to make a series of sex-ed videos, I'd never hear kids mocking condom use again. Safe sexuality is hot when done correctly, no question, but condoms are useful on more than one level- as Zahra Storm demonstrates here, modifying that high power wand to better suit her desires.


 Hyperballad's Video Diary 2.4 by hyperballad 25 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<261MB] 1280x720  6m 56s
I know y'all love these fly-on-the-wall moments, but I am just too damn curious for my own good. I want to jump on Hyperballad and ask lots of questions about what she's watching and what she normally watches and what are her favorite dirty search terms... but by the time Hyperballad's first orgasm starts to move into multiples territory, my curiosity has quieted, along with the rest of my intellectual brain.


 nestle 2 by Ava_V 26 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<339MB] 1280x720  6m 46s
The expert way Ava_V interacts with her own body reinforces that that when it comes to learning how to be a good lover, there's no better lesson than to just watch the way she loves herself. Women's sexuality is often referred to as complicated or confusing, but it's so simple, really - rather than resorting to formulas, diagrams, and articles, all you have to do is listen directly to her.


 delphi by Lucie_Lou 27 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<175MB] 1280x720  4m 32s
Lucie Lou has me in mind of ancient Greece here, her little dress as translucent as the curtains on her window. With her long, symmetrical body, her pale flushed skin as smooth as marble, she calls to mind the kind of beauty which was worshiped then, too - and if the little figures on some of that pottery are any indication, her actions here would have given them even more to celebrate.


 exquisitus 1 by Kiki_V 28 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<336MB] 1280x720 8m 41s
Have you ever been so sensitive that every thread and button and hem of your clothing seemed to wriggle against you, conspiring to bother and tickle, rub and fluster, until you just had to get somewhere private to strip down, and just revel in sensation? Watching Kiki V rubbing against the denim between her legs, I imagine her so sensitive, walking around in those tantalizing clothes all day, and just waiting for this...


 take it easy 2 by shanna 29 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<229MB] 1280x720  6m 31s
Something about the fixed angle of this video gives me a sense of an accidental recording, as if we've been transported into a voyeur's perfect wet dream, in which a motion activated camera just happened to be triggered by a naked Shanna, just walking by. Well, that would be enough to trigger 1000 fantasies on its own, but then...


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Re: I*F*M* Archives
« Reply #112 on: 30 November 2015, 11:52:48 »
 Mew Up Close 1 by Mew 30 Sep 2014
HD MP4 [<279MB] 1280x720  7m 14s
If you've been following my humble captioning, you probably know that I'm a bit ga-ga for our dear Mew - so this Up Close is bound to please me greatly. Straight out of the gate her movements are fast and furious, promising a spectacularly intense climax of the type Mew is notorious for.


 loose end 0071 by Magnolia 01 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<211MB] 1280x720 5m 28s
Oooh, Magnolia - a steamy confession and a steamy story always make for a titilating update, but never more so when it's Magnolia telling the tale. If you like it messy, hot, wet, and taboo, or if you just like Magnolia, this loose end is for you...


 Hyperballad's Video Diary 2.5 by hyperballad 02 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<431MB] 1280x720  11m 8s
As a fellow NJoy aficionado, I love listening to Hyperballad talk about how she uses this particular toy. I can relate... the cold, the warmth, the weight... it's a good, solid toy. But wait - what's this at the end? Oh Hyperballad, don't go... we want more...


 for air 2 by Jordan_Q 03 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<264MB] 1280x720  7m 13s
I adore the way Jordan Q gives herself ample time for a proper cool-down, her muscles and fingers working together to allow her orgasm-rattled brain time to come slowly, dreamily back to the surface. And gently, so gently, she soothes herself back to life, like in the moments after a good yoga class, when your eyes flutter open, signaling your return to life.


 physical 1 by susie 04 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<185MB] 1280x720 6m 6s
Blood flowing, skin alive with sensation and energy, endorphins rushing through your body while sweat drips from every pore... am I describing the first part of Susie's day, or the second? Susie's obviously doing something right... the answer is both. Susie's care and love for her body is one of those "show it don't say it things", as she dedicates time and energy to making her body feel as good as it possibly can.


 devotional 1 by Skye_C 05 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<274MB] 1280x720  7m 7s
I like how Skye_C clutches the tight roll of her panties to her chest for a time, after she takes them off. An article of clothing worn so close to the center of her sex deserves that moment of recognition, rather than being tossed aside immediately. I feel like I've been remiss - maybe I should run home and give all my undies a little cuddle, too.


 telltale 1 by Liandra Dahl 06 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<174MB] 1280x720  7m 27s
Linadra's never in a rush - any opportunity to spend time with herself, pleasing herself, is worth enjoying as thoroughly as possible. We don't often see Liandra using a hand's free technique, and she looks incredibly hot doing it - so I'm pretty content with her drawing this session out, just as long as she likes.


 doutai 3 by charlotte_v 07 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<408MB] 1280x720  10m 33s
Three parts in, and Amarna's not been touched, keeping Charlotte V bound tight with her arms behind her. I love the non-linear nature of this duet, allowing Amarna to focus on Charlotte with all her passion and skill, learning her body like a new knot, something to tie and untie, again and again.


 Zahra Storm Up Close 3 by Zahra_Storm 08 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<440MB] 1280x720  11m 22s
Zahra Storm's still in bed, but she's not in the least tired. Much like her energy, Zahra's big bottle of lube isn't likely to give out anytime soon - which is good, because she intends to give herself a thorough working over, stimulating herself in as many ways as she can take. In case she hasn't made it clear enough, I can tell you - Zahra can take a lot, and more.


 trophies 1 by Traci 09 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<235MB] 1280x720  6m 5s
This is more than just a casual wank. Traci always takes her orgasms seriously, seeking to improve her own sexual technique via the tried-and-true practice of masturbation. This adds an extra level to my personal appreciation of her work - in addition to the sexiness, watching Traci is a bit like watching sport. A really enjoyable sport - because in a match of Traci v. Traci, Traci always wins.


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Re: I*F*M* Archives
« Reply #113 on: 02 December 2015, 12:40:36 »
chantilly 1 by Shibby 10 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<259MB] 1280x720  6m 42s
This duet is long awaited, at least around HQ - Devochka's been looking forward to it going up on the site since she filmed it. We were nice enough not to tease you all too much, so I'm sure this comes as a sweet surprise - Shibby and Devochka, as hot as they are lovely, and thoroughly enamored of each other. You're welcome.


 springtime by Mylah 11 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<239MB] 1280x720  6m 12s
A windy day suits Mylah, fluffing her sunlit golden hair and stirring the flowers which paint the ground underneath her. I wonder what else it stirs; if Mylah's rising blood has anything to do with the pressure changing in the air - or if it's all thanks to her own clever hands.


 syrup 1 by Alexa_B 12 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<229MB] 1280x720  5m 56s
I like body hair heaps, as you all know - but the nice thing about hair is that it grows back, and can be styled as one pleases. Alexa B's done a particularly fine job at getting that area super smooth... so props for that, lady. In addition to looking great, the lack of hair draws our attention to certain fine details... like a particularly hot one at around the 1:28 second mark...


 telltale 2 by Liandra Dahl 13 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<325MB] 1280x720  8m 24s
I find watching repeat contributors so interesting - like putting together a puzzle. I love the way each woman has a tell, a unique physical indication which tells you when she's about to come. Can you work out Liandra's? I'll meet you at p.3, and tell you if you're right...


 exquisitus 2 by Kiki_V 14 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<306MB] 1280x720  7m 54s
I love the shot of Kiki V crouched in the bottom of the frame, her long back curved with perspective, as she unzips her own dress all the way from top to bottom. Kiki V is so detailed and imaginative in the way she holds herself throughout, so flexible and responsive, that I could write pages of odes to her feet alone - but in these few lines, we'll concentrate on beginnings. Kiki V is off to a very good one around here.


 trophies 2 by Traci 15 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<281MB] 1280x720  7m 16s
I'm glad that Traci's going easy on herself, rewarding herself for a spectacular hands-only orgasm, with another orgasm - this time, complete with all the buzzy electric intensity she could ask for. As awesome as it is to watch the triumph of Traci getting off without a toy, it's really great to see how much pleasure she gets from her vibe, too.


 Mew Up Close 2 by Mew 16 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<325MB] 1280x720  8m 24s
The depth and intensity of Mew's orgasm is never more apparent than when she is naked (but for her white ankle socks, of course) and resting on blank sheets. Thus displayed, there's nothing to distract from every tiny indication of Mew's ascension - and nothing to hold her back from the urgency and power of her ultimate release.


 devotional 2 by Skye_C 17 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<326MB] 1280x720  8m 26s
One of the best things about IFM in my opinion, is the way these videos reinforce an image of women as sexual human beings, with the right and power to experiment, spend time, and consume items all towards the benefit of their own lust. Skye_C is familiar with her toy, her body, her lube, and she's not remotely ashamed of any of it.


 groundwork 1 by del 18 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<243MB] 1280x720  6m 17s
Glimpsing the dark thatch of Del's hair where it escapes the line of her underwear is really stimulating to me - enough even, to take my mind off the cuteness of her cat. It leaves me wondering if Del is finding that next door noise distracting, or whether perhaps the audible presence of those workers serves to make this backyard wank just a little extra sexy. Probably both.


 philosophy 1 by misty_star 19 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<324MB] 1280x720  7m 54s
Misty Star only takes a moment to get her jeans off, and then it's on - she settles into herself with a deep sigh of appreciation. Writer Tom Robbins once claimed that there were only two philosophies in this world, and they could be summed up in two words - "yum" or "yuck". I think it's clear which one Misty adheres to.


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Re: I*F*M* Archives
« Reply #114 on: 05 December 2015, 12:15:00 »
 Schrodinger's wank 1 by Jadey 20 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<361MB] 1280x720  9m 19s
I adore the intimacies of other people's private spaces, having a penchant for looking through my friends' handbags and casually checking out their medicine cabinets. So Homemades are like crack to me, and never more so than when a contributor is particularly aesthetically inclined, such as Jadey here.


 doutai 4 by charlotte_v 21 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<399MB] 1280x720  10m 19s
Ah, beautiful women, ah hair and song and kiss and flesh. Did someone ask about the difference between porn and art? This aching feeling in my chest melding with the warmth pooling low in my belly as I watch Amarna and Charlotte kiss - this, this is the difference. Charlotte V's been released from her bonds now, and it's time for her to show Amarna the sweetness of her gratitude.


 tell tale 3 by Liandra Dahl 22 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<271MB] 1280x720  7m 0s
Ooh la la - a restricted area! Liandra, you naughty girl. But now that you're in here, I suppose you might as well give yourself a bit of a reward, right? The very real danger of being caught or heard in this scenario permeates the whole scene, lending it a sense of urgency that I find super-hot.


 Cobain Up Close 1 by cobain 23 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<269MB] 1280x720  6m 17s
An Up Close filmed outside is a rare thing, but then, so is Cobain - a lady of such charm and loveliness that standard shooting just doesn't do her justice. A soft bed laid out on the forest floor is a dream-place, and Cobain's motions are appropriately dreamy - slow and delicate, as she touches herself to the sound of steadily increasing birdsong.


 syrup 2 by Alexa_B 24 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<149MB] 1280x720  3m 51s
Alexa B's body moves like the ocean under the careful pressure of her fingertips, her hips rising again and again to meet her hands. The motion is so hypnotic that her orgasm barely jolts me out of my suspended state of awareness, and Alexa's gone, almost before I know it.


 groundwork 2 by del 25 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<290MB] 1280x720 7m 37s
Damn girl! Well that's one way to fight fire with fire - got annoyingly loud construction work - and workers - next door? Psych 'em out with some seriously loud rough sex porno noises. The melange of tradies talking and working over the sound of porn, and Del, touching herself like this, makes for a strikingly hot audiovisual experience.


 desideratum 1 by Flume 26 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<346MB] 1280x720  8m 56s
Flume's vintage style puts me in a simple, feminine state of mind, while the burgeoning motion of her hips underlines a rising tension, adding depth and intensity to the mood she invokes. Her arousal is sharp, quick and frantic, as if she just can't get enough of herself. The world narrows down to only one potential outcome, as Flume begs herself for release.


 Schrodinger's wank 2 by Jadey 27 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<246MB] 1280x720  6m 22s
I wonder how often, statistically, solo lounging-about segues into a little sesh. There's just no way for us to know for sure, and there never will be. It's Schrodinger's wank - anyone who is alone and unobserved in a closed spaced must be simultaneously both wanking and not wanking.


 Leena Up Close 2 by Leena 28 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<206MB] 1280x720  5m 21s
Satiated and calmer now, Leena takes her time, working herself up herself thoroughly. Up close, this means an equivalent tease for viewers, as every tiny stroke and caress of her wandering fingertips is laid out before us in fine detail. The tension emanating from her core is even more apparent this time around, as it spreads to envelop her entire body.


 doutai 5 by AmarnaMiller 29 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<226MB] 1280x720  5m 53s
Sometimes I give myself time between parts, the better to draw out and savor the experience. It's impossible to forget this kind of beauty, but at least with time, these images - Charlotte V's incredible shape, the curve of Amarna's lips as she sighs in pleasure, the memory of rope, even the dusty floorboards of the space where they meet - had faded some, enough to impact me anew.


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Re: I*F*M* Archives
« Reply #115 on: 07 December 2015, 11:27:58 »
 Cobain Up Close 2 by cobain 30 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<285MB] 1280x720  7m 25s
If moans are a language, then Cobain speaks but little - but when she does, her words are dense with meaning. With the sounds of the forest all around her, it's easy to go into a reverie along with her, as she explores the softs and sensitives of her sex without urgency.


 philosophy 2 by misty_star 31 Oct 2014
HD MP4 [<286MB] 1280x720  7m 23s
Misty Star's sensuality fills the screen no matter how big your monitors are, enhanced by her moans of surprised delight. Some people are so responsive to stimulation that every touch feels like the first, never losing that element of surprise and wonder.


 subtlety 1 by Amber_Lynn 01 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<282MB] 1280x720  7m 17s
Ahhh, there's a saying about cats and curiosity - but the truth is, curiosity never really kills cats. They are just too smart for that. Instead, their curiosity is satisfied, and usually rewarded by humans, who generally quit what they're doing to attend to the rogue in question. Not Amber though - Amber Lynn stays strong in the face of feline curiosity, resisting the allure.


 mona lisa 1 by Laura_N 02 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<260MB] 1280x720  6m 44s
Laura N's little touches and explorations of her body are accompanied by the sweetest little mona lisa smile, calling an answering curve in my own lips. Pleasure and sexuality can often be complicated things, fraught with depth and development, thought and concern - but you know what? Not all the time. Sometimes it just feels good.


 willing 1 by kara_d 03 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<205MB] 1280x720  5m 37s
I love Kara_D's oh-so-Melbourne vibe here, the tram going by as she fetches her mail from her adorable front yard. But it's her impressive performance which really has me wanting to match her with a standing ovation of my own. It's been a long time since we've had Kara D around, and her happy, naughty desire, to push her own boundaries in front of the camera, never fails to make me feel happy and naughty, too.


 chantilly 2 by Shibby 04 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<313MB] 1280x720  8m 6s
There's a lot going on here from the first few seconds, and I don't know if it's just the time of day, or the fact that Devochka's sitting right behind me looking through her own bunch of naked photos, while my headphones pulse with the sound of sucking and sighing... but whatever the reason, my normally stoic and thoughtful approach to this stuff is just right out the window. Gosh. Blush.


 physical 2 by susie 05 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<186MB] 1280x720 5m 22s
We all know the difference between a lazy-rest, and a well-deserved kinda rest. They both feel good, but let's be honest - there's nothing quite like laying down our weary muscles, shining with the righteous glow of Those Who Earned It. Enjoy this one, Susie - after the effort you put in, you're allowed to be smug.


 Zosha Up Close 1 by zosha 06 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<303MB] 1280x720  7m 51s
The way Zosha pulls at her undies, moving her hips as she presses against her own hands, has my instant attention - these subtle movements of hips and hands, the visual effect of pressure being applied in just the right amount - connects my mind directly to my own sex, riveting me to Zosha's actions, and making her need my own.


 desideratum 2 by Flume 07 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<316MB] 1280x720  8m 10s
If sexuality is a conversation, Flume's words with herself would come tumbling out like a stream, the kind of talk where each party is so excited about the subject that the interaction rises and builds, rich with excited interruptions, words, ideas, and interjections flowing back and forth in an uninhibited rush of pure connection - basically, the best kind.


 subtlety 2 by Amber_Lynn 08 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<165MB] 1280x720  4m 18s
Amber Lynn's neutral expression as she begins masturbating just adds poignancy to the subtle way her face changes, as she is more and more strongly affected by the sensations moving through her body. Simplicity is elegance. I find watching Amber Lynn more erotic for the understated intensity of her process and orgasm.


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Re: I*F*M* Archives
« Reply #116 on: 08 December 2015, 16:54:43 »
 excitable girl 1 by Jaid 09 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<264MB] 1280x720  6m 50s
I like when the line between moaning and crying becomes a little blurry, when one can hear emotion expressed through a woman's voice of arousal. Good sex, whether with oneself or others, is often something which touches us deeply - and by expressing it, we move our observers to emotion, as well.


 willing 2 by kara_d 10 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<241MB] 1280x720  6m 36s
Kara D is really something else. There's more to it than her beautiful face and responsive body - there's something intensely willing about her, something inspiring about her need and the effort she makes to slake it. There's nothing blase about Kara D - her passion is contagious.


 Bonnie_T Up Close 1 by Bonnie_T 11 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<290MB] 1280x720  7m 31s
Bonnie_T is drowsing and relaxed, hypnotized by the sensual feeling of her hand and hips moving in those loose circles. Tantric practices remind us to move our hips intentionally as a way to keep the sexual energy flowing, but women like Bonnie T, well. they just don't have to try.


 turn the page 1 by Georgiana 12 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<223MB] 1280x720  5m 47s
Ah, Georgiana, a girl after my own heart. Fellow bookworms, how many books have you closed and finished, only to feel that strange sense of non-worldliness, that in-between feeling when the pages of the book have let you go, but the real world hasn't quite picked you back up? There's only really one thing to do in that situation, and, well, Georgiana's doing it.


 chantilly 3 by Devochka 13 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<328MB] 1280x720  8m 59s
Silent communication can be the most effective kind, as Devochka demonstrates here, asking with her hands, learning from Shibby's own movements. The clues to Shibby's pleasure can't be expressed in words - only pressure, sighs, frisson and heat. I like how they get progressively more disheveled as their love-sesh continues, not too rowdy, but, you know. Just rowdy enough.


 mona lisa 2 by Laura_N 14 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<190MB] 1280x720  4m 55s
Laura N's unassuming style is so relatable, conjuring up that special feeling of timelessness when the doors are closed, the lights are out, and no one will bother you. Her ability to relax so completely in our studio environment, surrounded by lights and cameras, is a gift - a glimpse into her alone time.


 once upon a time by Lena_D 15 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<249MB] 1280x720  6m 49s
Lena_D is amazingly tranquil, really able to focus her attention on herself despite the very public setting she's chosen to dally in. So much good stuff here - the sharp lines of her profile, her double-handed technique, the way her chest heaves as she gets closer, and closer...


 up river 1 by Lilley 16 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<313MB] 1280x720  8m 6s
I adored Lilley's wit and humor in her ISM video, which makes this debut more exciting for me - the more context I have about a person, the more naturally interested I am in them. But even without any kind of prior knowledge, Lilley would have caught my attention, From the first moments, it's clear that her sexuality is a force to be reckoned with, powerful, deep and very, very wet.


 perlaceous 1 by Labia_Lunch 17 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<259MB] 1280x720  6m 42s
Hello kitty! It's a great day for me when I get to look at naked girls, and it's a great day when I get to look at cute cats. Today is just a double-great day. And furthermore, we get clued into a specific functionality built into Labia Lunch's style. Now we know why she's the kinda gal who never steps out without her pearl necklace.


 Zosha Up Close 2 by zosha 18 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<248MB] 1280x720  6m 25s
The up close angle becomes more interesting for me as Zosha turns over - we can see her employing a technique I'm not sure I've ever seen before. She seems to be stimulating the entrance of her sex rapidly, but without penetrating herself, while rubbing rhythmically against the bed sheets. Unique this method may be, but by the rising pitch of her moans, incredibly effective.


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Re: I*F*M* Archives
« Reply #117 on: 10 December 2015, 11:19:44 »
 becalm 1 by Windradine 19 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<205MB] 1280x720  5m 19s
You can tell that Windradine's the kind of woman who looks out for herself - warming her own hands for herself, ensuring that her comfort is total. So often we don't bother with the little details - but I can assure you, these small gestures of care make a world of difference - both for others, and for ourselves.


 chantilly 4 by Devochka 20 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<236MB] 1280x720  6m 7s
I love the look on Devochka's face when Shibby elegantly straddles her chest, presenting Devochka with an obviously gratifying visual experience. It only gets better for us, as viewers, when we are given the chance to see what she sees, as she utilizes her perfect position to play with Shibby to the point of no return.


 excitable girl 2 by Jaid 21 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<381MB] 1280x720  9m 50s
It's been a long time since we had a contributor make eye contact with the cameras, and I'd forgotten how startling it is. As if it were really me, perched up there on the ceiling, sure I was invisible - only to be glanced at, acknowledged and - granted permission to stay. Startling, and very nice.


 sweet spot 1 by Denna 22 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<295MB] 1280x720 7m 39s
Almost everyone has those places in their life - that elevator in that one parking garage that, when you ride it, you blush to remember the heat of kisses exchanged, between B2 and the ground floor. Your high school sweetheart's house, which you cruise by once in awhile just to savor the nostalgia. And Denna's got an old furniture warehouse, rich with untold stories, where she goes when she thinks of him.


 level up 1 by Katy_Horde 23 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<295MB] 1280x720  7m 38s
If you ever wondered what gamer girls do when they're not out there leveling up - well - let's not stereotype, hmm? Like everyone else, in between amusements they cook and read and chat and sleep and hang out with friends, ok? And as if it isn't a given round these parts - they masturbate once in a while, too.


 perlaceous 2 by Labia_Lunch 24 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<318MB] 1280x720  8m 14s
I like watching Labia Lunch's mouth open more and more as she gets progressively more turned on, her yawn of arousal almost inviting in it's wideness. These kinds of expressions are some of my favorite things about Ifeelmyself, and our sister-site, Beautiful Agony - the amazing strange beauty of human faces in ecstasy, unaltered, unadorned, and unplanned.


 chantilly 5 by Devochka 25 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<286MB] 1280x720  7m 24s
Devochka & Shibby's love sesh has taken a natural, tangible course - from their intital flirty, athletic positions, to this more sensual and comfortable energy. I feel a lot more emotional comfort here as well, as play gives way to depth, and Devochka's verbalized desires are answered by Shibby's will to give.


 yukon jill 1 by Traci 26 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<308MB] 1280x720  8m 26s
I am absolutely thrilled by this series, a video-diary-esque offering Traci had the good graces to film for us while she was away visiting her native land. With her candid chattiness, impressive camera skills, and easy sexuality, Traci is one of my favorite diarists - and the allure of what she's up to in the midst of her family vacation makes this series all the more enticing.


 turn the page 2 by Georgiana 27 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<242MB] 1280x720  6m 15s
I love the lonely feeling of peace which imbues this home made, a feeling which really resonates with spending an afternoon reading books and jerking off. That tranquility is set off by Georgiana - so quick to arousal, her breath coming fast and hot as she dives right into herself.


 up river 2 by Lilley 28 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<274MB] 1280x720  7m 5s
I think squirting is just the wrong word for it. Squirting, as a word, it feels so... singular. An event, that happens, a single moment in time. But I've seen a lot of what we call squirting... and I don't know if I've ever come across a word, or a series of words, that could do it justice. Anyway, for those who are looking for the event, it's there. But for me, Lilley's orgasm doesn't seem like a singular moment. It just goes on, and on.


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Re: I*F*M* Archives
« Reply #118 on: 12 December 2015, 12:16:35 »
 sweet spot 2 by Denna 29 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<195MB] 1280x720  5m 3s
Sometimes we masturbate because we're horny. Sometimes we do it to feel good, to fall asleep, to take our mind off things, to try a new toy. And sometimes, we masturbate to recreate a feeling, to imbue our hands with memory, and let them collaborate with the past to bring us back to someone, or something, or somewhen.


 aftershocks 1 by Phoebe_G 30 Nov 2014
HD MP4 [<264MB] 1280x720 6m 51s
The look on Phoebe G's face transcends pleasure and pain, communicating in the way of art pieces - the way she makes you feel will reflect your own state of mind, likely, more than hers. But if we want to know how Phoebe G's feeling, there are more than enough signs to indicate that she's feeling pretty damn fine. Thanks for asking.


 becalm 2 by Windradine 01 Dec 2014
HD MP4 [<274MB] 1280x720  7m 11s
Windradine's lovely, peaceful session is so relaxed that I myself feel drawn into her reverie, my eyelids growing heavy even as that familiar, answering heat grown in my belly. Don't be lulled into bliss too soon, though - pay close attention. Windradine's calm is so pronounced, that the most minuscule details of her ascending arousal become incredibly emphasized.


 chantilly 6 by Devochka 02 Dec 2014
HD MP4 [<206MB] 1280x720 5m 19s
After such an intense series of orgasms, it's normal to feel a little bit drained. Not necessarily sexually speaking - it's clear these two aren't near ready to get out of bed - but energetically. It's so important to take the time to replenish ones' own well - so that when we give, we give from abundance.


 uncropped 1 by Georgia_L 03 Dec 2014
HD MP4 [<283MB] 1280x720  7m 20s
This one goes out to Monotreme and Ashmedi over in the forums, our very own IFM hipsters, who spotted Georgia_L's beauty and vivacity through her Beautiful Agony contribution - ie, before she was cool. Here she is, guys, Ms. 3233, in all her uncropped glory. Enjoy. She is definitely someone special.


 Bonnie T Up Close 2 by Bonnie_T 04 Dec 2014
HD MP4 [<368MB] 1280x720  9m 30s
The problem with watching and writing about IFM videos is, if they effect me the way they're meant to effect you, oh viewers, it becomes kind of hard to write. And Bonnie T's anal play... well... the blood just drains from my brain, redistributing itself to less literately-inclined areas. Before I lose speech entirely, I'm telling you now - if you want to hear Bonnie T talk about how it feels to take it in the ass, don't miss the end.


 level up 2 by Katy_Horde 05 Dec 2014
HD MP4 [<258MB] 1280x720  6m 41s
For an anime nerd like me, there's something simultaneously elating and unsettling about Katy Horde's Sailormoon tattoo, as she rides her toy - it activates all sorts of memories and emotions, blending nostalgia with sexuality, and yielding something which effects me 10 times more than either one can just by itself.


 held 1 by wendy 06 Dec 2014
HD MP4 [<304MB] 1280x720  7m 51s
Oh Wendy - who tied you up, so cruelly? Who left you wearing nothing but your underwear, with only one way to get them off? This is a scenario rich with surprises, and I won't reveal any more here... but suffice to say that if sharp edges or wet spots disturb you, you may want to pluck up your courage before hitting play on this one.


 jete battu 1 by Angelica_B 07 Dec 2014
HD MP4 [<253MB] 1280x720  6m 57s
Angelica B's soft, pretty clothes put me in mind of a ballet dancer in warm-ups, that exciting aesthetic of catching someone quite special in a moment of rest and relaxation. And like a dancer, throughout these moments of escalation, Angelica B's body reacts viscerally to her arousal - intriguingly uncontrollable, as the pressure builds.


 enchantment 1 by denny 08 Dec 2014
HD MP4 [<300MB] 1280x720 8m 13s
As nice as the new lighting style is, I'm really enjoying the dim, candlelight feeling of Denny's homemade. It makes me feel like it's past-dusk, that time of day when all of the well-illuminated tasks have been taken care of, and it's time for beauty and mystery. Denny's breath, her rosy skin tone, her face, quietly resting in shadow - all contribute to a heady feeling of indulgence and eroticism.


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Re: I*F*M* Archives
« Reply #119 on: 16 December 2015, 10:26:45 »
 Kenji Up Close 1 by Kenji 09 Dec 2014
HD MP4 [<260MB] 1280x720  6m 44s
I wouldn't be surprised if I looked up "lush" in the dictionary and found Kenji's photo listed as one of the definitions. Lush, full, bursting, vibrant - in my life and on this screen, Kenji is the very essence of all things sweet and brimming, offering always of her self, and of boundless delight.


 mille baisers 1 by Lena_D 10 Dec 2014
HD MP4 [<382MB] 1280x720 9m 53s
Lena and Marcel's connection here is clear, spoken in their shared sultry French, their little smiles, and a thousand extra caresses. It's pretty rare we have a male contributor around these parts, so when it happens, it's worthy of a bit of celebration. And what better way to celebrate than to watch Lena_D get pampered and adored by her lover?


 yukon jill 2 by Traci 11 Dec 2014
HD MP4 [<303MB] 1280x720  8m 19s
Traci's video diary of this holiday just keeps getting more and more spectacular - almost a little too spectacular, if I'm honest. She has me wanting to leap out of this chair in so many ways. Trees and sex and water and joy and movement and danger, need and forest and river and desire... what beauty, so much beauty.


 aftershocks 2 by Phoebe_G 12 Dec 2014
HD MP4 [<267MB] 1280x720  6m55s
Phoebe G's technique reminds me of an earthquake in reverse - time rolling backwards as the intervals between aftershocks grows smaller and smaller, one colliding with the next until finally, the earthquake erupts forth.


 held 2 by wendy 13 Dec 2014
HD MP4 [<302MB] 1280x720  7m 55s
Tied and bound, Wendy's expressive body language shows us layers of defiance and submission, moving up against the thin line between ecstasy and punishment as she relishes in her kink. While we can't know the details of what's going on behind the scenes, to me, Wendy's emotional and sexual energy makes these moments so much more than a kinky fashion shoot.


 ardency 1 by Bobbie_R 14 Dec 2014
HD MP4 [<198MB] 1280x720 5m 9s
It's really strange, but until that recent post in the forum details the changes we've made to lighting recently, I honestly hadn't noticed the difference. Now that it's been pointed out though, it's hard to miss how good it is to have the warmth of the studio highlighted - it's actually hot in there, under those lights, and never more so than when Bobbie R's doing her thing.


 enchantment 2 by denny 15 Dec 2014
HD MP4 [<239MB] 1280x720  6m 33s
Denny's fevered pace here is super hot, both visually - just watching her fuck herself so fast with her fingers - and for its effect on her body. Slow and steady can be sweet, but there's certainly something to be said for a vigorous sexuality - and Denny is saying it, loud and clear.


 skill share 1 by Liandra Dahl 16 Dec 2014
HD MP4 [<298MB] 1280x720  8m 9s
For those of you who long for the days of Liandra's cheeky hostess interviews, you are in luck today. Hell, those of you who don't remember those days are in luck too. There's nothing quite so hot and interesting as Liandra when she's asking a lady some questions... and Shanna, with her frank, outspoken nature and her downright impressive orgasmic talent, is Liandra's perfect match.


 uncropped 2 by Georgia_L 17 Dec 2014
HD MP4 [<426MB] 1280x720  11m 0s
Georgia L's excellent taste and classic look caught my attention immediately - that autumn-colored bandeau and lacy cream panties are to me what stilettos and fishnets might be for the mainstream. And with no clothes on, she retains that elegance. Georgia's body moves in smooth curves and beautiful lines even through to the end, when spasms of sensation take over, and she plunges into orgasms.


 Yukon Jill 3 by Traci 18 Dec 2014
HD MP4 [<272MB] 1280x720  7m 29s
I've been adoring the peaceful, timelessly sexual feeling inspired by Traci's self-shot series. If you haven't seen the currently running ISM Videos which match these, they're worth checking out - Traci shares a lot about her past, her family, her connections to these places. But for now, you should just stay here, and see Traci engage with the natural world around her in possibly the hottest way imaginable.



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