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« Reply #105 on: 20 September 2018, 18:29:56 »
VIDEO | 13 Sep 2013 Ariel D
 19m 43s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  mb

Ariel slides her fingers under the strap of her bra, gently pulling it down. Slowly she exposes her ripe breasts and the surrounding tan lines.
Do you remember taking photos of your girlfriend... maybe Ariel can remind you!
With her captivating eyes looking through her dark framed glasses she slowly gets naked. One by one she lifts the clothing from her body, uncovering her cute curves. Completely nude Ariel grabs the guitar, looks over her tanned shoulders and shakes her dark hair like a real rock star!


VIDEO | 16 Sep 2013 Zarita Solo
 23m 58s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  mb
Hair brush insertion

Legs held wide apart in a sexy V shape, Zarita proudly displays her full bush. Her pink vagina glistens between her legs and she holds her labia lips apart with her hand.
Zarita gently teases down the strap of her bra with her finger. She touches her small breasts with her hand, exploring her pert nipples till they are hard and excited. Zarita bends her perfect ass over the back of the couch, her pink thong disappearing between curved butt cheeks. Her fingers slides down into her crouch touching over her see trough underwear.


VIDEO | 23 Sep 2013 Elva
 31m 44s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  mb
Hip to waist ratio

Peeling her yellow tights off from over her skinny waist and pert round bum Elva teases with the slender hour-glass shape of her body.
Smiling suggestively she un-hooks her lace bra, letting it drop to the floor her small breasts now exposed, her skin goose-bumps with the cold. Laying on the sofa she slips onto the floor, her toned stomach tensing and showing off her athletic figure.


VIDEO | 27 Sep 2013 Laney Solo
 19m 19s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  mb
Armpit hair

Holding her large, firm breasts Laney stares at you, her big eyes effortlessly seductive!
Undressing her slim, feminine body she exposes full arm-pit hair. As she lifts her arms over her head a small bead of sweat runs down her body, following her curves and contours towards her hips.


VIDEO | 30 Sep 2013 Camila
 14m 24s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  mb
Camel toe

Looking up seductively from underneath her long black hair Camila runs her fingers around the rim of her pink top.
Pulling her top down her nipple pokes out from over the top, undressing completely she exposes her slim toned frame, little black bush of pubes and tanned skin.


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« Reply #106 on: 20 September 2018, 18:30:33 »
VIDEO | 04 Oct 2013 Talita
 23m 5s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  617mb
Pulling labia

Looking back with her head down, Talita pushes her bum into the air and glides her fingers over her vagina. Pulling her labia apart she reveals the soft pink of her vulva.
Glancing through her naturally curly hair Talita pulls at the straps of her bra, slipping it off her shoulder and exposing her pert breasts and erect nipples. Undressing completely she lies back on the sofa, holding eye contact she runs her hands down over her body!


VIDEO | 07 Oct 2013 Agnieszka
 34m 44s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  815mb

Agnieszka's labia is peeking from the side of her panties while she wiggles on her bed and rubs her self with body lotion.
She teases dripping water on her nipples and opens her legs to show her tampon string that is dangling. She is playful in her bedroom jumping on the bed sticking her perfect ass up.


VIDEO | 11 Oct 2013 Estella Z
 18m 42s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  539mb
Thick underarm hair

Estella's naked body is highlighted by the lush green of the trees, the natural environment complimenting the curves of her body.
Lifting her arms up over her head Estella shows her thick underarm hair. Glancing suggestively over her thick rimmed glasses she moves her fingers down towards her full bush of pubes, and once there she pushes her fingers deep inside her warm wetness...


VIDEO | 14 Oct 2013 Ensa
 29m 34s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  758mb
Labia twisting

Ensa pulls off her shortie shorts and rolls her pink see-through stockings down showing her bum cheeks.

She stretches and does a surprise trick for the camera twisting her meaty hanging labia before she starts pushing her fingers inside herself.


VIDEO | 18 Oct 2013 Alex K
 26m 8s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  706mb
Deep insertions

Pushing her pink toy deeper inside herself the vibrations make Alex's boy tense up, her muscles tightening as she raises to orgasm!

Undressing her slender athletic body Alex exposes her tanned skin, pert breasts and firm bum. Standing, sitting and laying down with her legs high in the air Alex uses her dildo at every possible angle!


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« Reply #107 on: 21 September 2018, 18:47:28 »
VIDEO | 21 Oct 2013 Brodie R
 20m 25s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  630mb
Hairy australian

Laying on her side Brodie pushes out her naked bum, the hair from her full bush parting around the lips of her pink vagina.

Unbuttoning her top and slipping off her shorts Brodie exposes her svelte figure and pale skin. Running her hands over her small breasts and little pink nipples she stands in front of her window, illuminated by the strong Australian sun streaming through the window.


VIDEO | 25 Oct 2013 Caramel S
 28m 20s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  702mb

Running her hands down her sun kissed body, she lets her fingers explore her smooth shaved vagina, delicately playing with her labia she slides a finger inside...
A day outdoors at the beach with Caramel, we explore the beautiful scenery before we follow her down to relax on the beach. Undressing her slender, tanned body she exposes her pert breasts and round bum to the elements.


VIDEO | 28 Oct 2013 Kyna D
 31m 57s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  787mb
Hairy armpits

Sultry and seductive Kyna undresses her petite body, illuminated by the cold Autumn light she exposes her large breasts, full bush and under-arm hair.

Her big green eyes look up through her curly brunette hair, her eyes locked her hands glides over her large breasts  towards her nipple, grabbing the skin she squeezes tightly. Her other hand grips onto her full bush as her fingers run through her long thick pubic hair hair.


VIDEO | 01 Nov 2013 Lia
 16m 38s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  441mb
Undressing and spreading

Timidly undressing her petite body, Lia hides herself away, teasing and flirting as she removes more and more clothing. 

Moving down to the floor she moves and stretches as she touches her warm, tanned skin. Sliding her hands around her body she opens her legs, her smooth shaved vulva open and fully visible!


VIDEO | 04 Nov 2013 Lona
 30m 19s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  739mb
Brushing public hair

Red head Lona tickles her nipples with her hair and squeezes her big breasts while laying on the couch. She pulls her labia apart as she brushes her pubic hair revealing her clitoris and grabs the camera for self shoot.


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« Reply #108 on: 22 September 2018, 14:45:49 »
VIDEO | 08 Nov 2013 Belen
 20m 38s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  540mb
Licking her own nipple

Belen's tounge reaches out towards her breast, heading for her nipple. Licking all around, her arousal is evident from the height her nipple grows to!

Belen pulls down her dress, exposing her bum. The fabric of her underwear gathers in her bum crack, emphasizing her perfect ass. She exposes her full bush which is barely covered by her lace knickers. Her fingers pull at the sides of her labia, exposing the most intimate parts. With one leg extended, she pushes her fingers deep inside herself, stimulating her vagina.


VIDEO | 11 Nov 2013 Sicilia Solo
 33m 35s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  844mb
Spreading labia

Sicilia's wet, white t-shirt clings to her pert breasts and soft tanned skin.

Slowly undressing her svelte and sculpted body she reveals her smoothly shaven vulva, her peachy round bum and exposed goose-bumped skin. Running her fingers over and around her vagina, she pulls her labia apart to show the soft pink wetness between.


VIDEO | 15 Nov 2013 Laura P
 27m 3s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  698mb
Anal play

Naked in nature! Follow the beautiful Australian Laura as she takes us on some sexy self-shot mini adventures in and out of her stunning home.

Undressing her slim, athletic body she shows off her small, pert breasts and sun kissed blonde hair. Teasing whilst she plays with herself Laura gets a few of her favorite toys out. Laying on the bed she uses a toy on both her clitoris for some anal play!


VIDEO | 18 Nov 2013 Muna
 26m 29s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  666mb
Body painting

Dark skin Muna pulls her bra off and grope her large breast squeezing them making her nipples hard. listening to her music excited she dances in her panties teasing with her sexy poses.

Using her toothpaste she draws on her body and brushes her teeth letting the froth fill her mouth and drip from her juicy lips onto her breasts.


VIDEO | 22 Nov 2013 Adelle
 43m 10s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1055mb
Self measurement

Standing naked, Adelle runs her hands over her slender, toned body, slipping through her full bush her fingers slowly start to enter her wet vagina.

Undressing and teasing with her amazing shaped body Adelle stares longingly and suggestively as she plays with herself. Exploring her pert breasts, long legs and natural body she lets you watch!


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« Reply #109 on: Yesterday at 12:06:18 »
VIDEO | 25 Nov 2013 Anja B
 22m 36s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  580mb
Flexible nude dancing

Pulling her legs apart slowly, only her toes touching the floor Anja B stretches on her sofa giving us a peekaboo of her underwear that is worn out from years of use.

This short haired, flexible lady with a nice bum crawls from the chair to the window and on the floor doing some splits and and dances nude into the worm sunlight.


VIDEO | 29 Nov 2013 Adeline
 25m 11s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  620mb
Two fingers inside

Pale skin Adeline's panties are stained from natural wetness as she touches her inverted nipples and slips her fingers inside her.

She gives a tour of her body with her hands, sticking her perfect ass out and playing with her hairy labia on the couch.


VIDEO | 02 Dec 2013 Uma J
 34m 28s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  786mb
Ginger pubic hair

Peeling off her white lace bra she exposes her full breasts and pale pink nipples.

Undressing the rest of her petite body, she shows her pert bum and little trimmed bush of pubes. Pulling her labia apart she shows the soft pink inside.


VIDEO | 06 Dec 2013 Rose D
 23m 11s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  583mb
Nude at the beach

Rose's stunning, naked hour-glass figure illuminates a grey and rainy Amsterdam day!

Running through the streets, undressing in the car and playing naked on the beach, this shoot is a whirlwind! The cold winds whip her curly black hair over her goose bumped skin and pert breasts. The rain drops snaking their way through her full bush as she ditches her clothes and umbrella in the sand


VIDEO | 09 Dec 2013 Daisy B
 33m 33s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  788mb

Daisy B's short dress get lifted up as she looks out the window giving us a peek of her sexy panties, which soon she pulls to the side revealing her immaculate vulva.

She teases with her smile and show off her perfect ass sticking it out as she gets on fours. Daisy twists her nipples and pulls her meaty lips sliding her fingers inside herself.



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