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« on: 06 February 2018, 08:21:06 »
VIDEO | 14 Feb 2004 Jamie & Luke
Download:  MP4  1024x576  398mb


VIDEO | 03 Apr 2004 Annabel & Thom
Download:  MP4  1024x576  267mb


VIDEO | 06 Jul 2005 Dominique & Olivier
Download:  MP4  1024x576  243mb


VIDEO | 29 Jul 2006 Zena & Raph
Download:  MP4  1024x576  451mb


VIDEO | 21 May 2011 Gina J & Steve
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1333mb
Oral sex

The gorgeously slim and sexualy erotic Gina introduces her boy-friend Steve to abbywinters.com for the first girl-boy shoot in well over half a decade!

In this beautifully honest and sensual shoot Steve and Gina show their intamcy with each other, and open up thier sex life by treating each other to a melange of provocatively arousing oral sex followed by intensely passionate and loving sex. The shoot culminates in Gina on all fours, arching her back and writhing in pleasure as Steve enters her from behind to bring them both to a syncronised climax.


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« Reply #1 on: 09 February 2018, 17:27:03 »
VIDEO | 16 Dec 2011 Andy & Maya C
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1323mb
Handjob finish

Andy and Maya look the perfect pair together and you can really see how close these two are in this very natural, fun but extremely sexual shoot.

Flirting heavily at the start its obvious how these two wanted to end their day! Teasing and playing they slowly undress each other, Andy paying special attention to Maya's beautiful slender body and pert small breasts as he bites and peels the clothes from her. Breaking into the sex they move around the room taking full advantage of every position they can think off. Its a great shoot with a great real couple, so thank you to them for sharing with us!

VIDEO | 14 Jan 2012 Ben & Renae D
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1300mb
Noisy sex

Mexican heart throb Ben is a born lover. Knowing how to please his pale skinned beauty, brings him great pleasure.

With every open mouthed gasp that Renae let's out, he gets that much more excited. She is his feasting platter, and he is her lustful stimulus. Watch as they grind their way through multiple positions, this girl boy shoot is another goldmine.

VIDEO | 04 Feb 2012 Karlijn & Paul
Download:  MP4  1024x576  779mb
Deep cowgirl creampie

Girl boy shoots have been going gangbusters recently and this hot stills set is no exception.

Dark and handsome Paul, tries to get his sexy girlfriend Karlijn's attention by texting her naughty things. The plan works and soon enough he is going down on her shaved pussy and sucking on her nipples. The couple then get so turned on that they move into 69 position then prepare for their climax!

VIDEO | 03 Mar 2012 Eliza S & Sebastien
Download:  MP4  1024x576  980mb
Handjob finish

The stunning, slender, and naturally sexual Eliza brings her boyfriend Sebastien back to abbywinters.com for a sensual, intimate, and real life girl-boy shoot.

Flirting and playing on the bed, Sebastian runs his hands over, and undresses Elizas beautiful slim, tanned and toned body. Holding onto each others naked bodies they move around the bed exploring different positions and letting us in on their sex life.

VIDEO | 07 Apr 2012 Kylie H & Marcus F
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1722mb
Swallows cum

Kylie, the slim, beautiful, dark haired, Australian brings her partner Marcus to abbywinters.com for this very intimate and passionate girl-boy. Flirting in the kitchen Kylie stares at Marcus through her black, thick rimmed glasses. Picking her up off the kitchen counter and taking Kylie to the front room where they waste no time undressing each other!

Kissing Kylie's small, pert breasts and holding on to her slim waist Marcus penetrates and licks her smooth shaved pussy until Kylie reaches a shaking orgasm.

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« Reply #2 on: 23 February 2018, 12:36:30 »
VIDEO | 07 May 2012 Broc & Edie
50m 3s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1245mb
Anal play

Real life couple Broc and Edie share with you their intimate, passionate and kinky sex life as they open up for their abbywinters.com debut. Seducing Broc with her subtle and provocative touches Edie then strips down on top of him to reveal her slim body, smooth wet pussy and large breasts.The two start to turn things up. With amazingly passionate oral from each of them and some kinky anal play they manage to bring each other to powerful and intimate orgasms.


VIDEO | 09 Jun 2012 Leon & Saskia
52m 22s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1289mb
Real couple

The gorgeous, slim, blonde Dutch Saskia introduces you to her husband Leon in this very cute and intimate girl-boy shoot.

Waking up next to Leon, Saskia starts to nibble at his ear and run her hands over his boxers trying to encourage some morning fooling around. Sliding her taught slender body down his she starts to give him oral under the covers to further seduce him. Loen lifts up and holds Saskia's small pert breasts and small waist and laying her down penetrates her waiting wet pussy


VIDEO | 07 Jul 2012 Aletta & Harold
67m 42s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1719mb
Anal fingering

The gorgeous Dutch Aletta and her boyfriend Harold flirt outdoors in the park as Harold skateboards past her. Getting horny and frisky on the bench Aletta puts her hands on Harolds crotch and hints at going home for some more serious play!

Inside Harold starts to undress Aletta's slim, petite body, unveiling her large, pert breasts and smooth shaved pussy. Climbing on top of him Aletta starts to slowly ride his cock as they both start to get into the first of may positions.


VIDEO | 04 Aug 2012 Fenna & Svenno
65m 52s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1588mb
Analingus and deep creampie

The gorgeous Dutch Fenna gives us a little slice of her home life as we are introduced to her boyfriend Svenno. Flirting with each other on the couch Svenno runs his hands over Fenna's large pert breasts, squeezing them and hinting at what he might want to come!

Laying on the sofa next to each other the quickly undress each other, Fenna holding him and slipping him inside her smooth shaved pussy.


VIDEO | 08 Sep 2012 Cole & Crystal S
57m 29s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1400mb
Anal fingering

Naturally kinky and real life couple Cole and Crystal invite you to indulge in their sex life as they come back home for some extremely raunchy mid-day sex! Crystals petite frame and smooth pale skin lays in gorgeous contrast to her partner as they begin to undress each other. Holding Crystals large pert breasts and rubbing her full bush and wet pussy the sex starts to gather pace and when Crystal suggests using some of her personal toys the scene really heats up!.

Its a beautiful set with some very intimate moments that show the real passion and love between these two.


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« Reply #3 on: 06 March 2018, 15:18:49 »
VIDEO | 06 Oct 2012 Alyssa & Marcos - Part1
46m 30s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1190mb

A steamy, intense and very passionate moment in time with the very close, Spanish couple Alyssa and Marcos. Alyssa takes charge as the two strip each other off, letting their bare skin touch and their hands wander.

Guiding him into her wet, shaved pussy Alyssa sits on top, her amazing, pert breasts pushed out and bouncing up and down with the movement. After an exercise in sex positions the couple relax together on the sofa satisfied.


VIDEO | 10 Nov 2012 Ollie R & Sasha R
70m 31s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1700mb
Ass to mouth

Gorgeous petite and slender Asian Sasha returns with her partner Ollie for a girl-boy shoot, and to let us into her sex life.

The chemistry between these two is obvious as they laugh and giggle between the pleasure. Ollie treats Sasha to some oral and anal play as she licks and sucks his penis.

Moving around the room, they experiment with multiple positions until they both bring each other to orgasm.


VIDEO | 15 Dec 2012 Gaby & Wouter
41m 46s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1043mb
Real couple

The beautiful Dutch Gaby is back for abbywinters.com and she has returned with her partner Wouter for this girl-boy shoot.

I'm sure you'll once again be more than excited to get a fresh glimpse int Gabys sex life and her tall, tanned body and large breasts.


VIDEO | 12 Jan 2013 Evelina & Kristian
77m 29s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1777mb
Anal sex in the bath

Outdoors in the park and indoors in the shower the beautiful, cute blonde Evelina and her boyfriend Kristian indulge in some kinky and risky sex!

Meeting him in the park Evelina treats him to a very public blowjob before heading back for a shower together. Once naked and soaked in water Evelina grabs hold of him and pushes his penis deep inside her wet pussy, her full bush soaked through. These two obviously really enjoy each other and even experiment with some anal!


VIDEO | 07 Feb 2013 Carmina & Pablo
57m 44s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1509mb
Anal sex

Hand gripped around his erect penis she draws him closer to her petite, pale naked body, pushing him inside.

Carmina and her partner Pablo undress on the bed, Pablo paying special attention to her sweet, small breasts and pert, round bum. Pulling at her tight net panties he slips hem off.


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« Reply #4 on: 30 March 2018, 19:27:21 »
VIDEO | 14 Mar 2013 Amy L & Jasper P
 65m 32s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1522mb

Pulling out of her shaved vagina, warm ejaculate flows out past her labia and over her tanned skin.

Amy and Jasper share their passionate sex life with us as they entwine on the sofa. Amy holds on to Jasper's erect penis and directs it inside of her wet, expectant vagina. Gently they come together as one after exploring all of their favorite positions.


VIDEO | 11 Apr 2013 Conrad & Talita
 55m 43s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1354mb

With her boyfriend sucking and licking her pert firm breasts, Talita reaches down to grab his erect penis, holding it firmly she pushes it deep inside herself.

Illuminated by the soft light steaming through the window the couple indulge in each others naked bodies. Positioning herself on top Talita moves up and down her partners erect penis, her mouth gasping open with ecstasy, his hands holding her slim body.


VIDEO | 09 May 2013 Carian & Han
 51m 6s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1040mb
Cum on anus

Holding her boyfriends erect penis Carian wraps her lips around, looking into her eyes she pushes her mouth down.

Real couple Carian and Han passionately kiss and undress each other, Han exposes Carian's petite body and small breasts. Running his hand suggestively over and past her smooth shaved vulva he pushes his finger inside her anus, she tenses and opens her mouth wide with ecstasy.


VIDEO | 06 Jun 2013 Lucie L & Mauris GBT3
 54m 10s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1309mb
Beautiful couple

Holding to her large, pert breasts he slowly inserts deep inside Lucie's smooth shaven vagina, her mouth open and breathless.

Stripping down herself and her boyfriend, Lucie takes the lead and pushes Mauris against the window ledge, with her hand firmly gripped around his erect penis she gently presses her full lips against the tip to start her teasing blow job.


VIDEO | 11 Jul 2013 Alex K & Bret
 65m 11s
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1558mb
Anal sex

Feeling her anus with his fingers, she then pushes his penis deep inside herself, her mouth gasping with the pleasure.

In the shower together, boyfriend and girlfriend flirt and tease as they undress each other. Lifting of Alex's wet, clinging t-shirt Bret reveals her small breasts, toned stomach and athletic body.


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« Reply #5 on: 12 April 2018, 17:35:01 »
VIDEO | 08 Aug 2013 Esmerelda & Emilio
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1311mb
Ass fingering


VIDEO | 26 Sep 2013 Sean & Sicilia (video)
Download:  MP4  1024x576  908mb
Curvacious bum

Pressing her tongue against her boyfriends erect penis Sicila looks him directly in his eyes, her blonde hair falling in strands over her face.
Her tanned and toned, petite body fully naked Sicilia climbs on top, legs either side she pushes her wet vagina onto her boyfriend, feeling him push deep inside her she opens bites her lip with pleasure. With his hands squeezing Sicilia's pert, firm breasts Sean brings her to climax!


VIDEO | 17 Oct 2013 Peigi & Boyd
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1112mb

Peigi  wraps her lips around her boyfriend's penis straight after she pulls his jeans open with her teeth. She gets wet and her juices are a dribbling on Boyd's tongue as he licks her vulva making her squint from pleasure.

Peigi opens her legs and bents over to feel his Penis sliding between her bum cheeks from behind just before he pushes it in her wet pussy. She gets so aroused with her eyes covered, and definitely seem to enjoy the 'spoon' position on the couch.


VIDEO | 14 Nov 2013 Gloria & Ricardo
Download:  MP4  1024x576  mb1006
Rimming his girlfriend

Ricardo presses his penis against Gloria's outer labia before he slides it inside her shaved pussy.

She pulls his pants off and strokes the head of his penis before she wraps her lips around it while looking into his eyes. She turns against the wall and sticks her perfect ass out as her juices drip on inside of her thighs when he thrusts. A very sexy shoot with a very sexy couple.


VIDEO | 26 Dec 2013 Ryan & Tahlia J
Download:  MP4  1024x576  mb1253
Fingering her creampie

Pale skin, brunette Tahlia J runs her fingers Ryan's chest moving down she pulls his jeans off and grabs his penis looking into his eyes as her tongue touches it. He slowly pulls down her almost see through panties and touches her hairy labia inserting inserting his fingers and sucking on her clitoris. Intense sex between this real life couple leaves Tahlia laying on Ryan chest with a smile of joy.


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« Reply #6 on: 24 April 2018, 15:51:48 »
VIDEO | 23 Jan 2014 Ask & Caisa
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1139mb
Doggy style spanking

Sexy blonde Caisa finds her boyfriend flute and gently places it on her lips . She explores and blows through the holes but Ask her boyfriend is there to show her.

She quickly climbs on top of him and ends up exploring his body rather than his flute sliding his penis into her mouth warm mouth. This couple enjoys some passionate sex in many positions. Caisa's perfects bum is sticking as she is bent over with her boyfriend throbbing from behind her.


VIDEO | 27 Feb 2014 Amabella & Dion
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1265mb
Boyfriend and girlfriend perform 69

Gripping his erect penis Amabella looks up at her boyfriend, her beautifully large blue eyes, and open lips suggesting at what she wants to do! Holding eye contact she slips her mouth over his hard shaft...
Holding each others hands and pulling close Amabella gets on top of Dion. Guiding it with her hands she pushes herself down onto his erection, and leaning back starts to ride him, her hands clawing at his chest. The passion between this real life couple is obvious, and makes for an extremely sexy, honest and genuine girl-boy shoot!


VIDEO | 27 Mar 2014 Alida & Brian
Download:  MP4  1024x576  911mb
Real couple 69

Pushing her lips against the tip of her partners penis, Alida looks up at him as she pulls off his underwear and slips her mouth around his erection.
This real life couple shows us their passion for each other and how they love to have sex, flirt and pleasure! Undressing each other they move from position to position. Laying on her back Alida lifts her leg onto Brian's shoulder as he pushes deeper inside her. Her mouth open wide and arms up high Alida's body tenses as she reaches orgasm!


VIDEO | 24 Apr 2014 Lila & Rafa
52 m
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1321mb
Interracial Couple 69

Pushing her pert bum into the air, her partner slides Lila's underwear to the side and spreads her wet, pink vagina with his fingers. Pushing back towards him, he slowly penetrates her as she grips the bedding.
Showing their passion and affection for each other, this real-life couple share their sex life with us as they flirt, tease and pleasure each other. Lila sits on top of her partner, her slim, pale body inviting him to touch. Giving each other oral, 69 and multiple sex positions they both raise each other to orgasm!


VIDEO | 29 May 2014 Demi & Nicolaas
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1117mb

Reaching between Demi's perfectly shaped bum cheeks, Nicolaas lifts the thin strip of material from Demi's underwear to expose her tight anus and vulva. Pushing his fingers between her labia, he presses inside her wetness.
Exploring each other's dark skin, toned bodies and sexual needs, the couple move from position to position. Demi giving oral and then pushing her bum back towards Nicolaas, to tease him as he penetrates her from behind!


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« Reply #7 on: 28 April 2018, 17:00:20 »
VIDEO | 08 Aug 2013 Esmerelda & Emilio
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1311mb
Ass fingering

Lifting Esmerelda's slight, slender body Emilio pushes his head between her thighs, bringing a smile to his girlfriends face! Feverishly undressing each other she pulls down his pants and starts to slip her mouth around his penis, her hands gripping his body. Moving underneath her boyfriend Esmerelda puts her pert bum into the air and pushes Emilio deep inside herself


VIDEO | 14 Aug 2014 Lawan & Mark
41 m
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1076mb
Filipina sex

Lifting her partner's penis from inside his pants, Lawan stares suggestively in his eyes as she wraps her lips around the tip, feeling it harden in her mouth.
On the sofa, Lawan and her real life partner Mark treat each other as they move from position to position. Lawan soon takes control as she sits on top her partner, gripping his erection, she presses it deep inside her wet vulva!


VIDEO | 25 Sep 2014 Gisela & Henk
49 m
Download:  MP4  1024x576  810mb

Gripping the base of her boyfriend?s erect penis, Gisela starts to wrap her mouth around the tip, looking at him directly the eyes as she goes down.
Undressing blonde Gisela's slender body, Henk reveals her pert breasts and smooth shaved vagina as they start to play and tease one another. Leaning back against her boyfriend, Gisela pushes his penis deep inside herself, her mouth gasping with the pleasure.


VIDEO | 23 Oct 2014 Kenzei & Jacob
Download:  MP4  1024x576  949mb
Cream pie

Reaching inside her partner's underwear, Kenzei grips hold of his penis, slowly drawing it out and towards her open mouth as she stares up at him with eyes wide.

Real life couple Kenzei and Jacob show how well they know each other's wants and fetishes as they strip down and let their passions take over. Lying back on the table, Kenzei opens her legs wide, running her fingers between her thick, full bush she invites him inside her wetness. Pushing his hard, erect penis inside her she tenses with the pleasure, pulling him closer and deeper.


VIDEO | 27 Nov 2014 Satine & Christian
58 m
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1444mb
Sensual oral

Satine grips hold of her partner's hard, erect penis as she pushes him inside her open wet vulva.

Real couple Satine and Christian show just how well they know each other as they kiss passionately and treat each other to what they enjoy. Taking control, Satine jumps on top, giving her partner long and sensual oral before bending over and inviting him inside. Spreading her thick, full bush and pink labia, Satine's partner holds onto her hips as she pushes him deeper inside.


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« Reply #8 on: 11 June 2018, 22:09:39 »


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« Reply #9 on: 20 September 2018, 18:31:15 »
VIDEO | 24 Mar 2016 Jada & Lucas
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1423mb

Petite Jada spreads her legs and her skirt slides upwards revealing her girly panties. Lucas approaches her from behind and kissing her neck gently, he pulls her top aside grabbing firmly her pale, round breasts. Turning around in the sofa, Lucas takes off Jada's panties, uncovering her hairy vulva as he softly kisses her inner thighs.

Sitting on Lucas' face, Jada squirms in pleasure as she leans forward to rub her hands against his erect penis. Giving a seductive look through her glasses, Jada tours her tongue around Lucas' penis before guiding him to insert it into her dripping wet vulva. As they both get closer to climax, Jada firmly grabs his penis, making him cum in her mouth.


VIDEO | 05 May 2016 Carolina S & Ricky
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1231mb

Carolina bends over the kitchen counter as she takes off her tight short jeans. Approaching her from behind, Ricky kisses Carolina's back and slides his hand into her panties. Lifting her up the kitchen counter, Carolina spreads her legs as Ricky kisses her inner thighs and licks her meaty lips and perfectly shaved vulva.

Firmly grabbing his erect penis, Carolina slides her tongue up and down before putting it into her mouth. Sitting on top of Ricky, Carolina passionately rides him as Ricky squeezes her pert breasts. With her knees close to her face, Carolina gets vigorously penetrated until both reach a powerful climax.


VIDEO | 16 Jun 2016 Yale & Franco
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1566mb

Looking herself at the mirror, Yale takes off her girly underwear and puts on lace panties beneath her sexy green dress. Sitting on top of her boyfriend as they passionately kiss, his hand down her dress and into her panties, Yale uncovers her pale pert breasts to be kissed.

Lying down on the couch with her red hair falling onto her breasts, Yale gets completely undressed and receives a passionate oral as she squeezes her breasts in pleasure. Reaching into his boxers, Yale firmly strokes his dick making it as hard as it can get and guiding it into her already wet pussy. Raising her hips up in the air and pushing them towards him, Yale continues to be penetrated as she gasps for air. Turning around in the couch, Yale offers her backside before turning around into a 69, vigorously grabbing his penis as she licks it and puts it into her mouth just before some more penetration with her legs up as both of them reach orgasm and Yale lays covered with cum all around her body.


VIDEO | 21 Jul 2016 Juliana & Justin
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1141mb
Period sex

Approaching Juliana from behind, Justin passionately kisses her as he firmly grabs her big, round breasts from beneath her bra. As Juliana undresses slowly, she reveals her white panties completely stained with menstrual blood.

Taking them off, Justin proceeds to insert his erect penis that gets soaked in blood as he continues to vigorously penetrate Juliana. After a committed blowjob, grabbing firmly his penis and licking it from top to bottom, Juliana gets penetrated doggy style and with her legs up before both reach a powerful climax that will have Justin cum all around Juliana's body.


VIDEO | 22 Sep 2016 Amber & David
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1111mb

As she lies forward, Amber's silk night dress slides down her shoulder and her pert breasts and erect nipples are revealed. Approaching her from behind, David kisses her neck and grabs firmly her breasts as he slides his hand down her lace panties, pulling them aside exposing Amber’s full bush.

Reaching out with her hand to his penis, Amber undresses David before sucking his dick as she sensually looks him in the eye. Getting in top of him, Amber rides him as she squeezes her breasts, before turning around and getting penetrated doggy style. Lying on her stomach, Amber continues to get fucked by David until he ejaculates inside her, with his cum slowly dripping her hairy vulva.


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« Reply #10 on: 20 September 2018, 18:32:17 »
VIDEO | 27 Oct 2016 Ashley D & Hector
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1154mb

Sitting in her couch in her lace underwear, Ashely enjoys a cup of tea as she is approached by Hector from behind, who starts kissing her shoulder and slowly moves his hands towards her pert breasts, squeezing them firmly. Taking off her panties, Ashley kneels on the floor and undressing Hector, she tours his erect penis all around with her tongue before putting it in her mouth all the way down.

Lying on the couch, Ashley places herself on top, continuing to suck Hector's penis in a passionate 69 before riding him cowgirl style as she reaches with her hand down his balls while she moves up and down. Sticking her bum out in doggy style, Ashley continues to get penetrated until they both reach a powerful orgasm, with Hector's cum dripping out Ashley's delicate vulva.


VIDEO | 24 Nov 2016 Paulina & Adrian
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1256mb

Preparing for her acrobatics routine, Paulina stretches using a gym ball. Adrian approaches her from behind and firmly grabs her hips, pushing her perfectly round bum towards his erect penis.

Spreading her legs wide apart, Paulina poses her hairy vulva on Adrian’s mouth as he squeezes Paulina's firm breasts before leaning forwards and grabbing her boyfriend's erect penis and putting it in her mouth. Still on top of Adrian, Paulina rides him passionately, bouncing on top. Displaying her extremely fit body, Paulina hangs from a bar and places her pussy in front of Adrian's head, ready to enjoy some oral sex before getting penetrated doggy style until they both reach a powerful climax.


VIDEO | 22 Dec 2016 Leslie & Antoine
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1008mb

Moving her slender body in her super short, sheer dress, Leslie sits in the floor as she tries to fix her bike. Approaching from behind, Antoine kisses her neck, and firmly grabs her pert breasts with his hand as the other slides down in between Leslie's legs.

Down on the floor, with her head down and her bum up, Leslie takes off her pink panties as she gets fingered and caressed. Sitting on top of her boyfriend, Leslie receives a committed oral before turning around and licking his hard, erect penis. As the couple heat up, Leslie gets penetrated in numerous positions, before laying face down in a chair as Antoine penetrates her until orgasm with his cum dripping through her vulva.


VIDEO | 26 Jan 2017 Manon & Lukas
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1165mb
Face sitting

Waking up on a lazy morning, Manon grabs her boyfriend's t-shirt and smells it as she begins to be turned on. When he finally arrives, Lukas begins by kissing Manon's neck and breasts then slowly slides his hand down in her shorts.

Taking them off, uncovering Manon's hairy vulva, Lukas spreads her labia apart and plays with her clit using his tongue. As Manon gets more and more excited, she sits on top of Lukas, and turning around, they engage in a mutual oral, putting all his penis in her mouth, before laying face down as Lukas penetrates her from behind while gently kissing the soft skin in her shoulder blades.


VIDEO | 23 Feb 2017 Emma B & Carlos
Download:  MP4  1024x576  1212mb

Working at her studio, Emma leans towards the canvas as she begins her new painting. Approaching her from behind, Carlos firmly grabs her round bum and caresses her lace panties from beneath her short summer dress. Slowly undressing, Emma uncovers her pale, slender body as Carlos passionately kisses her pert breasts.

Laying down on the floor, Emma takes off her panties, stained by her vaginal discharge, unveiling her red pubic hair as she gets ready to receive some passionate oral sex and intense fingering. Sitting on top, Emma unbuttons Carlos jeans, and slides her hand inside his underwear, firmly grabbing his erect penis before engaging in a lustful 69. Back on the couch, Emma gets vigorously penetrated doggy style until they both reach a powerful orgasm, with Carlos' jizz dripping out of Emma's delicate vulva.



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